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Why US?

Fast service


We offer same day or closest time available for a visit.

We have knowledge and experience to fix all your appliance needs. We also have valid CA license, to match that.


We are small family business. Unlike big corporations we dont charge you outrageous hourly labor rate, instead we give you flat rate


We offer you FREE 90 days warranty on all repairs that we perform. Peace of mind of your investments.

Genuine Parts

We only use genuine manufacture approved parts for all our repairs. Best is the only option that we accept.

How we work?

Problem? Your appliances suddenly gave up on you? Your washing machine leaking water, and you haven't washed your clothes for a week now? Your food preparation takes extra-long, because your microwave died? Well you found us, Hero Appliance and we will help you with all your appliance needs. 

Give us a call or book online. Pick a desired best available time for your appointment. Please note that we need a 2 hour window for appointments. Next briefly describe your issue, and leave your address and contact information. Having technical information such as model numbers and error codes is a plus, however is not necessary. We will take care of the rest!

Next, our specialist will contact you before arrival at the day of your appointment to confirm. We will diagnose the cause, troubleshoot your appliance for problems and give you possible solution. We fix on same day whenever possible. Please note, we expect service call fee to be paid during first time visit.

Love your appliance repair completed! Now you can go back to your normal lifestyle, one thing less to worry about! We do strive for your satisfaction, excited to service you and to do our best. You can provide your feedback directly to us. That way we can improve! You can also help us, by liking our Facebook page, and posting your positive experience with us in form of reviews on Yelp and Google.



How much does it cost to repair my appliance?

Well, short answer would be it depends. It depends on many factors such as make, year manufactured, model, size, parts availability, complicity of needed repair and many others. When at your house our technician will inspect, diagnose your problem and from there try to give you a solution and an estimated price for repair. Sometimes it happens that there is more than one problem present, in that case technician will outline issues and possible solutions. Also if our technician sees something that might soon start to create problems, or stop working in desirable fashion, we will also bring your attention to a possible problem, that way you are ahead of a game and then can make a decision. We don’t charge you an hourly rate therefore you know exactly what you will pay at the end of work completion.  So we will take whatever necessary amount of time to work on your appliance, and not charge you for any “Unexpected overtime”.

Do you fix my brand/ appliance?

Generally we fix all commonly known brands and models, available in US.  There are rare occasions where performing a repair is not possible due to manufacturer unavailability, or suppliers don’t carry that specific item any longer. That typically applies to appliances that are older than 25-30 years. Also there might be an appliance that you have, and you not sure if we are able to repair/replace it for you. Give us a call, and we will let you know all the details.

How does warranty work?

Your warranty is our way to say Thank you, for choosing Hero Appliance. We grand you Free 90 days warranty on a repair with part replacement. Your warranty will cover labor hours and defective parts within that period of time. Warranty covers labor and parts on the same problem, that the initial service call was scheduled. For example, if we replace a condenser fan motor, and within next 20 days it stopped working on your appliance, we come back and put another at NO extra charge. However if you fan motor is working fine, but you don’t have ice in your freezer, then this would be another charge for labor and parts replaced. For your warranty, it’s your responsibility to save receipt that was given to you, and present it during warranty service. Customers who don’t have a receipt won’t be granted warranty.

What do I need to know before calling Hero Appliance?

Well, you don’t need to know much, we try to make the process as simple as possible. Few things that will help, is you gathering some information before giving us a call. First of all, we want to know what appliance you have and what the current problem is. Try to gather as much information as you can. Useful information might be, date when problem first started, any unusual activity with your appliance such as sounds, notification light on display you never seen before, Error codes if applicable and etc. As far as appliance itself, few things we need to know is Brand, Year, and Model Number (optional). Here is example of good description.

 ”Hello this John Dee. I have a problem with my Kenmore Refrigerator its 8 years old. It’s not working. Last night I’ve notice that it’s not even running, not making any sounds. Light however does turn on when I open door. The temperature is now above 50 F. I also found a model number on the side of the door, thought that might help. Thanks”

That’s about all we need so we can properly prepare for upcoming appointment.



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We enjoy solving complicated issues which involves a technical and a creative thinking. Also another huge point is our daily interactions with our valuable customers. Customer service is something that we believe our biggest strength at, we do our best to make customers totally satisfied with our service

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